Customer Challenge

  • A local council had migrated to Microsoft Teams voice and required a distributed informal contact centre following a move away from a legacy Skype for Business (SfB) on-premise deployment. The solution needed to be deployed across multiple departments and field workers.
  • The existing solution was complex and required constant IT involvement to manage adds, moves and changes which could take several days to complete. This was impacting business-critical projects. It was imperative that the replacement solution alleviated these issues.
  • The council did not want to sacrifice on service requirements or compromise on licences but had budget constraints.
  • The council suffered from multiple outages due to the SfB platform being unstable. Calls transferred from SfB to other departments often dropped, resulting in a poor customer experience.


  • We implemented ConnectPro, which bridges the gap between Microsoft Call Queues and typical contact centre licencing by offering advanced capabilities at a more cost-effective price.
  • Minimal training is required as the intuitive solution is accessed through Teams, a solution employees are already familiar with.
  • Departments retain total control over team and agent management through the application and can make immediate changes based on real-time insights, avoiding reliance on IT.
  • Moving to a highly resilient Microsoft cloud solution removed any single point of failure.


  • Adds, moves and changes can be made immediately without the need for IT, freeing up their time for more important projects.
  • Call abandonment rate reduced by 1%.
  • Customer satisfaction score has increased by 7%.