What we do

We have all had to transform how we do business at an incredible pace since the start of the pandemic.

But it’s important that businesses remain agile, and that’s where we come in. At Teleware, we help customers to improve their communication infrastructure so that they can communicate more effectively.

30 years of innovation

As a software vendor for 30 years, we have a vast amount of experience in helping firms transform their communications with our in-house designed and developed software. Innovation is at our core and this translates into the products we design and develop. We also provide managed services to help clients get the most from their Microsoft as well as their Teleware technology.

Whether coming through one of our channel partners or coming directly to us as Teleware365, we can help your business address several modern workplace challenges.

Our direct customers can enjoy our expertise in getting more from their Microsoft investment to increase productivity, enhanced employee experience and improved return on Microsoft investment.

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