Whitepapers & eBooks

How automation technologies are helping CTOs in financial services create an agile, modern workplace

Read this eBook to find out how CTOs in financial services are using automation technology to create a step change in how employees and automation technology coexist for business growth.

IT’s opportunity to shape a new technology environment

This eBook provides valuable insight into the technologies and working practices of UK businesses that are enabling people to work effectively at home, in the office, or in a hybrid model.

Don’t waste your budget: Considerations to drive business-wide value with your Microsoft 365 subscription

In this eBook you’ll discover what is optimisation, why you should be considering it and the 5 benefits of optimising Microsoft 365. You’ll also find out where to start on your optimisation journey with a 4-step roadmap to success.

Is worker mobility the key to tackling productivity problems within financial services?

Learn how flexible and remote working together with mobile technology could be the key to tackling the productivity crisis in this sector. In this whitepaper you’ll also discover how this could unlock a new chapter of productivity growth.

Productivity and employee practices

Discover how flexible working can boost productivity and profits; developing a happier, healthier and more loyal workforce as a result. In this whitepaper you’ll also learn how much of infrastructure need to make flexible working work for everyone is already in place in most organisations.

Unlock the real ROI of Microsoft 365 and Teams

Download our eBook to learn how to maximise the ROI on Microsoft 365 and Teams through the optimised use of the technology available. You’ll also discover how to increase adoption, engagement and productivity with a remote and modern workforce.

Addressing the productivity problem in professional services

In this whitepaper you’ll discover the impact this sector is having on UK productivity and explore the factors contributing to this. You’ll also learn how the adoption of flexible working and the intelligent application of technology could help.

MiFID II: My word is my bond

Download our guide to find out how your business can meet it’s MiFID II obligations and open up a new wave of opportunity to leverage trade analytics and management information.

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