Our client, a UK Management Consultancy firm, was facing several challenges with their existing contact centre setup. They were using multiple channels for communication and collaboration, including Microsoft Teams alongside their existing contact centre solution. The lack of integration was making it difficult for agents to manage customer enquiries efficiently and they struggled to collaborate with other departments, resulting in a low first contact resolution rate. Additionally, the inflexible nature of the contact centre made it difficult for employees to work from home, leading to high employee churn.


To address these challenges, our client decided to implement Teleware’s Cloud Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams. The goal was to create an integrated and flexible contact centre that would improve agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

We were also able to improve the employee experience. This was because the Cloud Contact Centre integration with Microsoft Teams meant that employees were able to use Teams, which they were already familiar with, for their contact centre work. This reduced the number of applications they had to use and also reduced training requirements.


The implementation of Teleware’s Cloud Contact Centre has had a significant impact on the company’s operations. Employee churn has reduced, as employees are now able to work more flexibly. Employee satisfaction has also increased, as agents are able to collaborate more effectively with other departments.

Customer experience has also improved, with the first contact resolution rate increasing due to better collaboration between agents and other departments. This has helped the company save costs and improve its overall customer experience metrics.

Hybrid Working

Teleware’s Cloud Contact Centre successfully provided our client with greater flexibility, as agents were now able to securely and compliantly work from home. This allowed the company to roll out hybrid working, which gave employees greater control over their work-life balance.


Teleware’s Cloud Contact Centre has been a game-changer for our client. It has allowed them to create a more integrated and flexible contact centre that has improved productivity and employee satisfaction. The solution has also allowed the company to save costs and improve its customer experience metrics.

The Contact Centre Manager notes that the implementation of Teleware’s solution has been a major success, and the company is looking forward to continuing to work with Teleware in the future.