Video Hub

How AI can supercharge customer and employee experiences

Watch our video to discover how we can help your business deploy AI tools to supercharge customer and employee experiences alike.

Leveraging the power of AI in healthcare

Find out how our speech-enabled chatbot can be deployed in the healthcare industry to automate repetitive tasks like appointment booking.

Teams Dialler for Salesforce

Watch this short video to discover how our Microsoft Teams Dialler integrates seamlessly into Salesforce.

Teleware Tech Tip #20

In this Tech tip, Paul shows us how to share a post from Teams into Outlook!

Teleware Tech Tips #19

In this video Paul shows us how to share an email with an attachment straight into a Microsoft Teams chat.

Teleware Tech Tips #18

Its finally here! The new series of Teleware Tech Tips featuring Paul Davison. This week find out how to switch devices mid meeting, with ease.

Teleware Tech Tips #17

Have a PDF that needs editing but can’t do make changes in Adobe?
Watch this Top Tip from our Microsoft expert, Alex, to find out how to edit a PDF file within Microsoft Word.

Teleware Tech Tips #16

We’ve got another great Teams tip from our Tech Tips expert, Alex.
Has someone sent you a message in Teams that you need to action? Watch this video for a quick and easy way to add it into your ...

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