In today’s dynamic business landscape, customer interactions are at the heart of success. Whether it’s resolving queries, handling sales enquiries, or providing technical support, contact centres play a pivotal role. However, not all contact centres require large, formal setups. Many organisations, both large and small, operate informal contact centres – often within their existing Microsoft Teams environment.

What if we told you that there’s an easy and efficient way to set up and manage informal contact centres within Microsoft Teams? Enter ConnectPro – a game-changer for informal contact centres that addresses a gap in the market and empowers partners.

The market gap

“Anywhere from 50-70% of businesses have informal contact centres, which means that the informal contact centre market opportunity is in the tens of billions of dollars” COMMFusion.

Traditional contact centre systems are often associated with complexities, including time consuming deployments, expensive installs, high licence costs, intricate configurations and steep learning curves.

Microsoft Teams, while powerful for collaboration, lacks certain features essential for efficient contact centre operations.

Businesses therefore need an alternative that is cost effective and makes the process easy without compromising functionality. Teleware’s informal contact centre offers an easy streamlined approach that aligns with modern business needs.

Why choose ConnectPro for Microsoft Teams?

Easy to sell:

  • Addresses the market gap: Meets the customer demand for advanced informal capabilities. ConnectPro enables partners to upsell services with high monthly margins and increased ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).
  • Zero-cost setups: Integrates seamlessly into Teams using the Extend model. Partners can leverage existing Teams infrastructures without additional costs.
  • Easy delivery of PoC: Partners can deliver proof of concept solutions in minutes at zero cost, helping to overcome objections quickly.
  • Complementary solution: Provides partners with the ability to upsell/cross sell, quickly adding value to existing Teams setups – what could be easier?

Easy to deploy:

Deploy directly through a self-serve partner portal. No complex installations or lengthy setup processes.  A contact centre can be up and running in 20 minutes, not weeks, ensuring fast time to cash.

Easy ongoing management:

Teleware’s partner portal centralises deployment, account management, performance tracking and resource access.

  • Partner Management: Easily manage customer accounts, monitor usage and access documentation—all in one secure location. The portal simplifies administrative tasks, saving time and effort.
  • License Management: Easily manage licenses for your clients, paperless invoicing process, real time changes, deliver cost optimisation.

A seamless and easy business experience:

Be the go-to partner for your clients. Provide exceptional support, training resources and troubleshooting assistance. The partner portal provides a curated repository of best practices, FAQs and case studies to assist your clients.

Easy and enhanced customer experience:

With ConnectPro agents handle calls efficiently, leading to better customer interactions.

ConnectPro: Bridging the gap

Unified integration with Microsoft Teams: – ConnectPro fully integrates with Microsoft Teams as an application, creating a unified hub for communication. Agents handle customer interactions directly within Teams, eliminating the need for separate tools.

Streamlined customer interactions – Simplifies communication by leveraging Teams’ capabilities. Agents seamlessly switch between channels, ensuring consistent experiences for customers.

Real-time supervision and flexibility – Supervisors gain real-time visibility into agent performance, regardless of location. This allows businesses to thrive in hybrid setups.

Cost-effective operations – ConnectPro provides a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution. It simplifies customer support operations, offering insights for process improvement.

Empowering agents with insights – ConnectPro equips teams with the necessary tools while providing business insights integrated with services such as PowerBI.

Integration with customer data – Integration with third-party services using URL pops and Power Apps, including CRM (e.g. Dynamics and Salesforce), helpdesk, HR & finance software.

In summary

Teleware’s ConnectPro transforms the informal contact centre offering within Microsoft Teams. We ensure the partners experience is easy, with a competitive edge to address the market gap,  deliver an easy and exceptional experience, maximising revenue—minimising costs.

ConnectPro for Teams: Easy to sell, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

For further information about ConnectPro download our factsheet here