In the ever-evolving landscape of customer interactions, AI-powered informal contact centres within Microsoft Teams are emerging as a strategic opportunity.

‘In addition to the potential value generative AI can deliver in specific use cases, the technology could drive value across an entire organisation by revolutionising internal knowledge management systems.’

The economic potential of generative AI – McKinsey & Company

The rise of AI in the contact centre

  • Smart call routing with contextual insights:

Imagine a caller dials the contact centre for technical support. Generative AI analyses the caller’s credentials and previous interactions. It also has the intelligence to find and offer alternative solutions  and understand the call sentiment. Microsoft Copilot assists the agent by suggesting personalised troubleshooting steps based on context.

The outcome: Faster issue resolution and a satisfied customer; therefore improving the CX score.

  • Automated post-interaction summaries:

Imagine after a call, AI generates a concise summary, highlighting key points. Copilot assists the agent by providing relevant context for follow-up interactions.

The outcome: Agents can concentrate on the call without taking notes; improving continuity, productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time sentiment analysis and agent guidance:

Imagine in a heated call, AI detects the caller’s frustration through voice tone. Copilot prompts the agent with empathetic phrases and de-escalation techniques.

The outcome: Agent defuses tension, turning a negative interaction into a positive one.

Opportunities for partners with Teleware

Market demand and growth:

  • Massive paradigm shift – the pandemic accelerated the adoption of Teams and collaboration platforms. Now, AI advancements are reshaping communication technology.
  • Unlocking trillions – McKinsey estimates that AI innovations can unlock between $17.1 trillion to $25.6 trillion of value for the global economy over the coming years.
  • Cavell estimates that 10% of agents interactions will be automated by 2026, up from 1.6% in 2022.

Teleware leveraging the Teams AI ecosystem:

  • Teams AI library – building AI apps and Copilots using the Teams AI library. Leveraging Azure OpenAI Service for best-in-class models without developing from scratch.
  • Seamless integration – integrating apps into the Copilot ecosystem, accessing real-time information and enhancing user experiences.

AI benefits for partners

AI is at the heart of ConnectPro, offering significant benefits through it’s informal contact centre within Microsoft Teams. These examples highlight advantages AI brings to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences:

The UCaaS market is saturated and commoditised:

  • Offering AI integrated into an informal contact centre will offer points of difference against the competition.
  • The chances of sales setting up meetings will dramatically increase as AI is the on point topic and new to informal contact centres.

Automated responses and routing:

  • AI-powered chatbots can handle routine enquiries, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex tasks. This makes agents more productive and improves the customer experience.
  • Instantly respond to frequently asked questions, gather preliminary information from customers, seamlessly route inquiries to the appropriate human agents.

Enhanced customer experience:

  • AI ensures 24/7 availability by providing quick and accurate responses.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) allows chatbots to engage with customers in a conversational manner, offering immediate assistance. Customers receive timely support, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. AI company Inven has seen companies measure natural language accuracy of up to 97%.

Efficient call handling:

  • AI can prioritise calls based on urgency or customer history.
  • Screen calls for agents, providing relevant information, suggesting responses.

Sentiment analysis:

  • AI algorithms analyse customer interactions to detect emotions and sentiment.
  • Agents receive real-time feedback, allowing them to adjust their approach and provide empathetic responses.

Predictive analytics:

  • AI predicts customer needs based on historical data.
  • Agents proactively address potential issues, improving resolution times.

Automated workflows:

  • AI automates repetitive tasks, such as ticket creation or follow-up emails.
  • Agents focus on high-value interactions.


AI is no longer a futuristic concept—it’s your everyday companion. Embracing AI-powered informal contact centres in Teams positions you at the forefront of innovation. The opportunities are vast, the time to create transformative experiences is now. Let’s build the future together!

ConnectPro for Teams: Easy to sell, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

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