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Natter with Nick featuring Zitah McMillan

In this episode Nick and Zitah discuss the importance of business evolution, open banking and remote working.

Natter with Nick featuring Daniele Mensi

In this vlogcast, Nick and Daniele discuss why ‘innovation means experimentation’ and how it is often restricted in big businesses with overplanning surrounding financing.

Natter with Nick featuring Chris Cloke Brown

Nick and Chris chat about the importance of embracing new technology and the changing landscape of the insurance sector in relation to this.

Natter with Nick featuring Tim Hulme

Watch Tim talk about how East Sussex College Group transformed their training facilities into a NHS chemotherapy ward to provide more space for coronavirus patients; an inspiring parternship that greatly benefitted the local community.

Natter with Nick featuring Crispin Moger

Nick and Crispin discuss how technology for the sake of it is beside the point – it should be a driving force of positivity and improvement.

Natter with Nick featuring Jo Bromley

In this episode we explore Jo’s views on fintech and overcoming the growing pains of startups. Hear what she considers to be the ‘blueprint’ for new businesses, and how things have changed and adapted during the pandemic.

Natter with Nick featuring Kelly Hartman

Nick and Kelly chat about Flywire’s admirable people-first approach, the importance of creativity in business and how combining technology with the human element created unique ideas to maintain wellness during the pandemic.

Natter with Nick featuring Anthony C. Gruppo

In this vlogcast Nick talks to Anthony, who, as a prolific author with an illustrious business career, is able to share some fascinating insights about leadership, technology and the future of work.

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