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Teleware Tech Tips #10

Have you ever started typing and not realised the caps lock is on?  Well in this Teleware Tech Tip our Microsoft expert, Alex, shows you a shortcut that could save you from having to start again!

Teleware Tech Tips #9

Fed up of copying and pasting the same email over and over again? This top tip – from our Microsoft expert Alex – explains how to use the Quick Parts function in Outlook.

Teleware Tech Tips #8

Are you still sharing your screen when you’re presenting slides in Teams? What if we told you there was a much better way? Watch this video to find out how to present those slides like a pro!

Teleware Tech Tips #7

It’s great knowing keyboard shortcuts, but how many do you actually remember when you need them? Here our Teleware tech tips expert, Alex, will show you the shortcut to all shortcuts on Teams so you never forget one again!

Teleware Tech Tips #6

Fed up of typing out text from an image? In this video our tech tips expert Alex, shows us how to copy text from an image in OneNote.

Teleware Tech Tips #5

Are you still copying information from emails to post in Teams? Did you know you can post directly to the channel from Outlook? Here’s our resident tech tips expert Alex, showing us how.

Teleware Tech Tip #4

Are you still using print screen to take a screenshot? Watch this video as our tech tips expert Alex, shows you the quickest way to take a screenshot.

Teleware Tech Tip #3

Did you know your copy and paste history is saved!? Watch Alex explain how to find everything you’ve copied recently so you can copy and paste like a boss.

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