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Natter with Nick featuring Kelly Hartman

Nick and Kelly chat about Flywire’s admirable people-first approach, the importance of creativity in business and how combining technology with the human element created unique ideas to maintain wellness during the pandemic.

Natter with Nick featuring Anthony C. Gruppo

In this vlogcast Nick talks to Anthony, who, as a prolific author with an illustrious business career, is able to share some fascinating insights about leadership, technology and the future of work.

Natter with Nick featuring Stuart Bromley

Nick and Stuart explore how important it is that businesses create a great culture around their employees and how employees shouldn’t feel culturally remote from the business just because they’re working from home.

Natter with Nick featuring Kevin Doran

Watch as Nick and Kevin discuss how AI and machine learning are affecting the investment management sector and whether there is an adequate supply of skilled people joining the industry.

Natter with Nick featuring Konstantin Denishev

Nick and Konstantin talk about the positive impact that the deployment of Microsoft Teams has had within TSB, including large scale adoption at the beginning of the pandemic, scaling from c2k users to c7k daily users today!

Natter with Nick featuring Sujit Unni

Watch this episode to find out what digital transformation means to PaySafe and what the future looks like for the payments industry.

Natter with Nick featuring Russ Fitzgerald

In this episode, Nick and Russ explore the role Artifical Intelligence plays within financial services organisations and dicuss whether it should be a priority for investment.

Natter with Nick featuring Maarten Ectors

Nick is joined by Maarten for a discussion around innovation and what technology and techniques Legal & General have used to overcome some of their challenges.

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