For most businesses, cloud migration is not a question of if, but when.

There are many benefits of migrating to the cloud including greater agility, scalability, cost savings, improved data access and security.

Security – the threat landscape

  • 91% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email
  • 58% of users accidentally share sensitive information
  • 81% of hacking breaches use compromised  credentials
  • 20% of workers use personal devices for work without employer’s knowledge
  • A new malware specimen is released every 4.1 seconds
  • A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds

It’s time to act!

Teleware365 - your migration and security partner

Our cloud migration experts will:

  • Provide a seamless transition to the cloud
  • Give you full visibility into your infrastructure before, during and after migration
  • Help you maximise the ROI from moving to the cloud

Our 50 point security health check

With this extensive health check, we will assess the security of your Microsoft 365 configuration. This health check includes a report detailing:

  • Identifying weaknesses for cyber attack
  • Documented view of current risks and recommended actions

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