When the world went in to lockdown and millions of people suddenly had to work from home, the use of communication and collaboration platforms such as Teams, Google, Zoom and Slack increased massively. And although there were challenges, for many, the working from home for at least part of their time, was something they didn’t want to lose after the pandemic. 

Now that firms are moving to a hybrid model for most, if not all employees, that brings about new challenges. One of these being how to create a level playing field for employees at home or on the move compared to those in the office. 

We have all experienced that disconnected feeling of being the lone home worker video calling in to an office based meeting. It can be difficult to play an active role in a meeting where most or all of the other attendees are in a room together. 

With technology advancements though, we can now help businesses create a much more equal communication and collaboration experience no matter where your employees are. 

This webinar was recorded for the Bytes ‘Workplace Innovation 22’ virtual event.