Intelligent Number

Increase availability to customers with Intelligent Number

Intelligent Number enables your employees to have one number that’s unique to the them, rather than the device.

It can be used on any mobile or fixed line telephone, wherever your employees are, and personal and business calls can be separated on the same telephone. Because it gives the same functionality you’d expect in the office, calls can be and directed normal, providing a flexible, seamless service.

Call announcements

You can set call announcements and password controls so those working at home can avoid the family answering a business call. If a call can’t be answered, then an email, SMS or message wait indicator can let you know someone is on the line.

When combined with our Intelligent Assistant, you can direct missed calls to colleagues who are notified who the call was for.

At a glance benefits

  • Your business can answer more calls first time
  • You’re more accessible with one number wherever you are
  • More professional, callers are always greeted by the right person in the right manner
  • Greater flexibility, ensures an optimum service level wherever their call is answered
  • Secure, because you can log in using registered devices, so if a device is lost, stolen or out of charge you can keep track of it