Simple, easy to use interface


Customised intelligent call routing solutions


Maintain and modify in-house

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Dynamic and flexible IVR capabilities


Enhance caller experience & reduce costs

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Includes and extends on our Auto Attendant

TeleWare IVR allows custom call handling solutions to be readily built and maintained in-house without requiring specialist technical knowledge. Ideally suited to the more complex situations, TeleWare IVR includes and extends the set of call handling functions supported by the Teleware Auto Attendant application.

If assistance is needed, we have a professional service team and personnel with over 10 year’s experience that can offer the best advice available to assist in your implementation.

All solutions are scalable and can be integrated into the customer’s existing infrastructure or provided as a hosted service on a pay-as-you-go basis.

How It Works

An intuitive graphical user interface enables customer solutions to be constructed by ‘point and click’ using an extended set of basic building blocks, each of which has its own individual properties and associated actions. Its wide range of functionality makes IVR ideal for the development of automated routines, from simple call routing based on a number of variables such as time-of-day, to enhanced applications such as stock enquiry and product ordering.

Voice Forms can be included with the IVR application. Voice forms can be used to add data capture capabilities. The user can be prompted to enter responses e.g. name, address, and post code. Completed Voice Forms are deposited into a pre-configured mailbox.

What Now?

Interested in our solution and want to know more? You can either download the brochure or get in touch directly if you have any questions.