Improved individual productivity


Simple and easy to use


Instantaneous call ‘follow me’

one-number 2

One person, one number

flexible-working 2

A key enabler for flexible work styles


No costs for telephony ‘moves & changes’

Intelligent Number (iN) allows staff to be contactable on the same number regardless of their current work location. Just dial into the service from any handset that can be dialled directly to ‘pull’ calls to that location, anywhere in the world. No need to miss another call because you’re away from the office and no need to give out multiple contact numbers. Better for callers and better for you.

Many thousands of staff who frequently work from a variety of different places use Intelligent Number to support their mobile and flexible working as part of a corporate call handling strategy.

Why have customers calling you on your mobile and struggling with a poor signal when you’re reachable via a landline? Just log onto the landline so they can reach you on your Intelligent Number.

With Intelligent Number you can maintain a single mailbox for landline and mobile calls.

Users also have the option of controlling their calls and voicemail using Web Assistant, a screen-based tool. This is often more convenient than dialling into the service and selecting options from the spoken menus using your telephone handset. Web Assistant can be used to display and access voice and fax mails. New messages are highlighted and can be easily identified. Individual messages can be accessed, with voice messages played back using PC speakers or the user’s registered phone, and fax displayed on screen or printed on any network connected printer.

A valuable feature of intelligent number is the ability to extend the service to include the Intelligent Assistant. This feature seamlessly re-routes incoming calls to nominated individuals or team members when the dialled Intelligent Number is unavailable. A ‘whisper transfer’ can be used to quickly informs the call handler who the call is for and why they are not answering. Voicemail becomes the very last option rather than the default and you provide your callers with a higher quality of service.

Other optional services includes Call Recording.

Intelligent Number will work with any on-premise PBX network or can be provided as part of a TeleWare Intelligent eXchange solution.

What Now?

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