Intelligent eXchange

Delivering Communications as a Service

Intelligent eXchange is the TeleWare IP Telephony Soft Switch which lies at the core of our Hosted Communications services.

No longer is it necessary for organisations to house a telephone switch (PBX) on their site. Hosted Services, also referred to as IP Centrex services, offer distinct advantages in terms of minimal capital expense, no on-going maintenance contract and a reduced support demands on internal technical staff. Perhaps more importantly for many, hosted services can be scaled rapidly and extended to multiple sites and home-workers to meet the demands of today’s mobile staff and agile organisations.

Benefits of a Hosted Service

For 80% of customers, the telephone is the first point of contact with your business. So, it’s important you handle calls efficiently and cost effectively. Whatever the underlying telecoms infrastructure, basic telephony services can be enhanced and enriched with our wide range of software applications, designed to reduce cost, improve productivity and enhance customer service.

IP Centrex services and Applications are delivered as a fully managed service from our highly resilient, telephony-grade data centres over a variety of connections, including SIP Trunking, broadband and leased lines.

The telephony applications are delivered as a fully managed service, removing all support issues. The solution can be scaled to ensure it meets changing business requirements and maintains pace with new developments.

Pay for What you Need

Not all users have the same telephony requirements. Therefore, our solution allows you to pick and mix to meet your business requirements on a per user basis.

TeleWare is in the unique position in the hosted telephony market of owning, operating and developing all applications for our own system. This ensures the system is maintained at a high standard and remains evergreen with support for new developments in the market.